Our Mission

Kennedy Berkley Disability Law Group (KB Disability Law Group) is dedicated to representing individuals with severe disabling conditions pursue their claims before the Social Security Administration. KB Disability Law Group is lead by attorney M. Joseph Kuhn, who is dedicated to assisting those who can no longer work due to disabling conditions, receive the disability benefits that they deserve and have earned during their work history. We strive to treat all of our clients with the respect and compassion they deserve while using our vast experience and knowledge to zealously advocate for them and inspire hope for their future.

Our mission is simply centered on our strongly held belief that all persons deserve to receive their Social Security Disability Insurance Benefits when severe disabling conditions prevent them from obtaining and maintaining substantial gainful employment. Most of our clients are referrals from past clients, other attorneys, and medical professionals.

When a disabling condition prevents employment, Kennedy Berkley Disability Law Group can assist claimants at any level of their disability claim, including assisting them with their initial application with the Social Security Administration. Our group has successfully handled thousands of Social Security Disability Benefits claims over the years. We have an experienced team of dedicated and successful representatives and attorneys ready to put our knowledge and experience to work for you. Please call Kennedy Berkley Disability Law Group today and find out how we can help you obtain your disability benefits through the Social Security Administration.


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We Can Help You With:

Disability Law

  • Social Security Disability Income Benefits
  • Supplemental Security Income Benefits
  • Initial Disability Benefits Applications
  • Social Security Disability Appeals
  • Social Security Disability Hearings
  • Social Security Disability Federal Court Appeals

Experienced in:

Complex Federal Social Security Regulations
Hearings before the Social Security Administrative Law Judges
Appealing Social Security denials to Federal District Court

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Kennedy Berkley Disability Law group is part of Kennedy Berkley Yarnevich & Williamson, Chartered, a full service law firm dedicated to helping individuals and corporations protect, achieve, and build a successful future.